MIAMI, Florida (CNN) — Miami rapper Brisco lost $40,000 in jewelry and his luxury SUV when armed robbers stormed the barber shop where he was getting a trim, but the artist says the hold up may help his creativity.

Security camera video showed Brisco, whose real name is British Mitchell, sitting in a barber chair when four armed men rush into the Miami, Florida, business, fire a few shots and order everyone, including the rapper, to the floor.

“He went to a barber shop to get his hair cut,” Miami Police Officer Jeffery Giordano told Miami TV station WSVN. “They took a little bit more off the top than expected.”

Brisco’s gold watch, bracelet, chain and pendant were taken from him, along with the keys to his Range Rover. The vehicle was later recovered, Giordano said.

“For a rapper to have his bling stolen, they might as well stolen that man’s heart,” Giordano said.

Brisco, known for his songs about ghetto street life, said he was still alive and looking at the bright side.

“I’ll get bigger jewelry and still go hard,” Brisco said. “It’s great material for my next album.”

Music fans also know Brisco by his other nickname, the Opa Locka Goon, a reference to his south Florida hometown.

The armed robbery took place July 29 in Miami’s Model City neighborhood.