As Miami-Dade Police Narcotics Detective Michael Flynn’s kidnapped and beaten girlfriend spoke to a 911 operator, he pushed her onto the floor and shoved his gun down her throat — splitting her lip and chipping her front tooth. With the phone off the hook, operators heard and recorded him yelling at her, “Is this the way you want to die?”
He was arrested & demoted to officer, but not fired. That was 2003. While he was out on bond awaiting trial in 2004, he got busted on video and audio tape in a sting – trafficking cocaine and buying 51 bags of heroin. He was arrested but not fired. He also got caught twice soliciting a prostitute from his patrol car. Back in 1991, although Flynn was never “charged,” county prosecutors officially stopped prosecuting his cases because he was found to be falsifying arrest information to inflate his statistics. That should have been the end of his police career. Instead, it wasn’t until after the kidnap, assault, battery with a weapon, cocaine trafficking, heroin possession, and prostitute solicitation that he decided to resign. (Miami. Miami. I’m shakin’ my head.)
Yesterday he did a “surprise plea” of guilty saying he wanted to get it over with – pleading guilty to the kidnap and possession.

His victim said,

“I had a fully loaded firearm stuck in my mouth, somebody asking me if I was ready to die.

Only God decides that.”