About the founder Jeffrey S Giordano

He served as a police officer with the city of Miami Police Department from September of 1985 through January 2014. He served as Chief/Director of Public Safety for Miami Dade College Medical campus from January 2014-September 2015. He currently conducts his private business. He holds a 3rd degree black belt in American Kenpo karate which he owned and operated a karate school for 10 years.

During his tenure as a police officer he served as a detective in the elite Miami police Street Narcotics Unit , a Neighborhood Resource officer, Hostage negotiator  and a Public Information officer (P.I.O) as an undercover narcotics officer he purchased and sold illicit drugs. he contributed to over 2,000 drug arrests and was an affiant on over 100 search warrants.

As a neighborhood resource officer he sat on a panel consisting of building, zoning, code enforcement, fire personal, city planners and administrators reviewing plans pertaining to new construction projects during the construction boom in the Brickell and downtown area, providing security recommendations. He conducted numerous post homicide assessments determining the contributing factors associated with the homicide and its location. He coordinated numerous organized fraud cases and organized multi-agency task forces with various agency's to address specific crimes occurring within a neighborhood. He coordinated numerous community events, and training for high rise security and banking institutions.  He served 10 years as hostage negotiator for the city of Miami's elite S.W.A.T team and conducted over 100 missions as a negotiator concerning hostages and barricaded subjects. He served as a trainer for other hostage negotiator personal and assisted F.D.L.E in the revision of their hostage negotiator training manual. As a police spokesman he coordinated media and press releases for high profile cases, working closely with detectives, crime stoppers, staff and  family members of victims. He assisted in  all  public records requests made to the department.

He holds the following certifications, training certificates and achievements

Bachelor of Arts St. Thomas university

Certified law enforcement officer state of Florida

ITW Certified police instructor

Certified inspector for convenience store security

Certified crime prevention through environmental design and community security surveys

Comprehensive assessment model for building threat assessment's and infrastructure HLS-CAM 

CIKA Asset protection technical assistance program (CAPTAP)

Certified C.I.T crisis intervention team

Advanced training certificate narcotics identification and investigations

Hostage negotiations beginning, intermediate, and advanced training certificates

Assisted F.D.L.E in the revision of their hostage negotiator training manual

Ritualistic crimes investigations

Chemical agent specialist

Certificate Clery center for security on campus ( Jeanne Clery Act of Compliance )

National incident management system (NIMS)

ICS-100 for law enforcement

ICS-100 fro schools

IS-0072.a: NIMS Public Information Systems

IS-200.b: ICS for single Resource and initial Action Incident Management

IS-00703.a:NIMS Resource Management

Silver life saving award

Most outstanding officer 1996

2008 community policing officer of the year

License class M-1400002 manager investigative and security agency

Class G-1307784 state wide firearms license

Class C-1400021 Private Investigator

Class D-1330663 Security officer

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